iPhone Photography and Instagram | Mexico Travel – July

iPhone Photography and Instagram | July
iPhone Photography & Instagram | Mexico Travel – July

I lounged, I swam, I investigated underwater caves, I drank fruity drinks and I drank dark rich coffee with swirls in it’s foam. I slept, I read books, I dived with Whale Sharks, I laughed, I looked at the stars, I ate food that wasn’t on what they call the “clean list” and I drank some more. I was the spoiled version of Indiana Jones of the Riviera Maya for five days and it was grand. This see all and do all traveler actually stopped to smell the roses and it made for one of the best actual VACAtions yet.

(iPhone photography & Instagram photos Left to Right) 1. The too hot to handle cabanas beachside in Cancun, Mexico.  2. Cute little Great Dane puppies ready to be bought and taken home. Andrea and her friend Libby where picking one out.  3. Lifeguard on duty in Cancun, Mexico.  4. Andrea’s friend Libby blowing heart kisses on a bike ride around town in Lawrence, Kansas.  5. Palm tree designs in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. The site of a palm tree makes me a giddy school girl. It can only mean an ocean is nearby!  6. Max. Andrea and her boyfriend had to babysit this cuddly dog.  7. Our parent’s dog Jaxx always wants to get in on the action. Here he is sporting some glittery shades.  8. The ocean looking out towards Cozumel.  9. A 4th of July late night fireworks show.

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~ Christy

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