FAQ For Booking & Shooting With PhotoBox Studios

What does a portrait session include?
Both our mini and full lifestyle portrait sessions (see pricing page) include however number of edited high-resolution images on a disk and a photo release for printing with your desired vendor. We suggest using mpix.com for best print quality and pricing. Having 2 photographers at the shoot depends on availability.

How do I book a shoot with you amazing ladies?
Well, if you say it that way, both Andrea and Christy can be contacted by email at thegirls(at)photobox-studios.com or through Facebook.com/PhotoboxStudios. We will then send you a price sheet and a contract to fill out and return before a selected shoot date. Location is determined by either client or photographer. We have many location ideas if you don’t know where to start. If you have one in mind but you may need permission, that phone call is the responsibility of the client.

What do I wear? How do I pose?
Try and stick with solid colors. Bright or earth tones is up to you but bright tends to pop off an image. Do try and avoid too much pattern. Accessories are great for both men and women. Ladies, do your hair and if possible, get your makeup professionally done. If not professionally, apply slightly more than you usually do to make sure it comes across on camera. And for some good old basic posing ideas, head over to Pinterest!

Can I bring my dog or props?
Yes! We love puppies and props and popsicles and whatever else that starts with p and make happy people. Depending on your shoot location, you may want to call and check ahead of time to see if it’s ok to bring pets.

How long does it take to get my photos back?
For both mini and full lifestyle sessions we ask for up to 2 weeks. Within those 2 weeks we will notify you by email when proofs are ready for viewing. Once you have chosen your photos, a package is typically mailed out within a couple days.

Do you offer printing services?
No we do not. But we do have a couple suggested vendors for our clients to print through. If at all possible, avoid Walmart and Walgreens. They tend to crop and discolor your photos. That makes photographers cry. Do use: mpix.com or whcc.com

You gals are so cool! Can I be your friend?
I don’t know. Do you love coffee? I kid. Of course! We’ll even add you to our Christmas card mailing list. But friends tell other friends of all the cool people they meet so be sure to ask about our Referral Program!

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