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    PhotoBox Studios is located in Wichita, Kansas but travels worldwide. My style is a mixture of natural lighting, photojournalism, fine art and portraiture. I specialize in seniors, engagements, weddings, families, maternity, children, events and travel. I'll also throw in my everyday inspirations and adventures. I always look forward to hearing from my clients, feel free to contact me through my "contact us" form or by emailing me directly at thegirls(at)photobox-studios(dot)com. Ciao!


Kansas Family Portraits | Fall Shoot | Nicole + Alysa

Kansas Family Portraits | Fall Shoot | Nicole + Alysa

Fall is a favorite season among adults but Halloween is one of the favorite holidays for kids. I can’t find a better way to remember this moment with the leave, the colors and this year’s Halloween costume, then having a fall photo shoot. We have shot photos of Alysa as she has grown up and she is growing up fast! She has always been such a trooper when it comes to our crazy ideas, she plays along so well. Enjoy watching Alysa play among the leaves in her devil outfit and eating candy apples. And Nicole, really, I don’t think you could be anymore photogenic!


iPhone Photography And Instagram | Museums & Art – August

iPhone Photography and Instagram | August | Museums and Art


iPhone Photography And Instagram | Museums & Art – August

School started back up for Andrea and it’s her last year! I’m ready for her to be done so I can have her all to myself. I kid. Maybe. With school starting she decided to take a last minute trip up to Kansas City to hang out with a friend, browse some local art museums, get new glasses and play dress up with the dog. It’s always sad when summer ends but at least September is full of events to attend and end it all on a good note.

(Photos from left to right) 1. Rico goes with me when I go location scouting. He has to be my model while I document a shot. He hates it  2. Andrea made a Mayan print and I want to steal it  3. Andrea’s friend Libby walking like an Egyptian  4. A night out on a patio with wine after a photo shoot. 5. Shadow art  6. Clean eating in a blender  7. Hairy beast on display  8. Hitting up the Kansas State Fair and watching the “Freak Show” behind the curtain. I think that will be the first and last time I see a man pound a nail up his nose  9. It’s always fun to put silly human things on your dog. Jaxx looks so smart.

Kansas Family Portraits | Minchin – Anderson Family

Kansas Family Portraits | Minchin – Anderson Family

I always say, watch out when you live in a different country because you’ll probably meet someone and then marry them. I’ve seen it happen many times with friends, including myself. The story was no different for David when he was serving his term with the Peace Corps in Moldova. Can we say jealous! There was a few years there that I thought about joining the Peace Corps. But where is Moldova? It’s somewhere between Romania and Ukraine (yeah, I had to Google it myself).  Anyways, there he met Tania and it was love at first sight. Fast forward to about a year ago, and they were expecting a baby!

It’s a good thing David and Tania have a nice sister because Tania was gifted one of our PhotoBox Studios gift cards at her baby shower. What a great idea right?! So with an upcoming trip back home to show off the new baby to her family, Andrea and I had to the pleasure of coming over to meet baby Kelly. Kelly was a very happy baby. Not a single tear. David and Tania, it was a fun early morning at your house enjoying your daily routine with Kelly. It was our pleasure to equip you with some awesome tools to show off your new baby to your family in Moldova! Safe travels!

Minchin-Anderson -Family-PortraitsMinchin-Anderson -Family-PortraitsMinchin-Anderson -Family-PortraitsMinchin-Anderson -Family-PortraitsMinchin-Anderson -Family-PortraitsMinchin-Anderson -Family-PortraitsMinchin-Anderson -Family-Portraits

September 12, 2012 - 2:15 AM

Cheryl Gnad - Such a nice gift to give away for a baby shower gift! And it will get lots of appreciation as it will be a wonderful gift to the grandparents – a copy of these pictures! Definitely a treasure of great photography Christy and Andrea!

September 12, 2012 - 2:15 AM

Cheryl - Such a nice gift to give away for a baby shower gift! And it will get lots of appreciation as it will be a wonderful gift to the grandparents – a copy of these pictures! Definitely a treasure of great photography Christy and Andrea!

Kansas Family Portraits | Morton Family

Kansas Family Portraits | Morton Family | Lauren + Alex + Aidan

Two deer poked their heads through the bushes to see what the commotion was early on a Saturday morning. The Morton family was here for their family portrait shoot and they had it going on when it came to coordinating their outfits! All three showed up in just enough of a matching blue/grey/white combo. And little Aidan is a model in the making. He was a natural when it came to posing, there was no directing needed. What a handsome young man and what a cute little family. The photoshoot was a joy. On the way out, we were sent on our way with a meow from a small kitten perched up in a tree. Crazy Kansas wildlife.


iPhone Photography and Instagram | Mexico Travel – July

iPhone Photography and Instagram | July
iPhone Photography & Instagram | Mexico Travel – July

I lounged, I swam, I investigated underwater caves, I drank fruity drinks and I drank dark rich coffee with swirls in it’s foam. I slept, I read books, I dived with Whale Sharks, I laughed, I looked at the stars, I ate food that wasn’t on what they call the “clean list” and I drank some more. I was the spoiled version of Indiana Jones of the Riviera Maya for five days and it was grand. This see all and do all traveler actually stopped to smell the roses and it made for one of the best actual VACAtions yet.

(iPhone photography & Instagram photos Left to Right) 1. The too hot to handle cabanas beachside in Cancun, Mexico.  2. Cute little Great Dane puppies ready to be bought and taken home. Andrea and her friend Libby where picking one out.  3. Lifeguard on duty in Cancun, Mexico.  4. Andrea’s friend Libby blowing heart kisses on a bike ride around town in Lawrence, Kansas.  5. Palm tree designs in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. The site of a palm tree makes me a giddy school girl. It can only mean an ocean is nearby!  6. Max. Andrea and her boyfriend had to babysit this cuddly dog.  7. Our parent’s dog Jaxx always wants to get in on the action. Here he is sporting some glittery shades.  8. The ocean looking out towards Cozumel.  9. A 4th of July late night fireworks show.

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~ Christy