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    PhotoBox Studios is located in Wichita, Kansas but travels worldwide. My style is a mixture of natural lighting, photojournalism, fine art and portraiture. I specialize in seniors, engagements, weddings, families, maternity, children, events and travel. I'll also throw in my everyday inspirations and adventures. I always look forward to hearing from my clients, feel free to contact me through my "contact us" form or by emailing me directly at thegirls(at)photobox-studios(dot)com. Ciao!


Kansas Wedding Photography | Kristen + Kody

PhotoBos Studios Hutchinson, Kansas Wedding Photography | Bride and GroomPhotoBox Studios Hutchinson, Kansas Wedding Photography | Dress and ShoesPhotoBos Studios Hutchinson, Kansas Wedding Photography | Brides MaidsPhotoBos Studios Hutchinson, Kansas Wedding Photography | GroomPhotoBos Studios Hutchinson, Kansas Wedding Photography | DancePhotoBos Studios Hutchinson, Kansas Wedding Photography | Church and ExitPhotoBos Studios Hutchinson, Kansas Wedding Photography | KissPhotoBos Studios Hutchinson, Kansas Wedding Photography | Cake and FlowersKansas Wedding Photography | Kristen + Kody

Wedding photography is something Andrea and I are gearing up to start doing in 2013. To build our portfolio and gain experience we have started second shooting weddings with fellow photographers. For Kristen and Kody’s Hutchinson, Kansas wedding, Andrea was very appreciative to help out and shoot with Jennifer at Fleur De Lis Photography. Thanks again for the learning experience!

July 30, 2012 - 7:04 PM

Jennifer Nicole Gehring - You are welcome to shoot any weddings with me! You know I of course would love it!

July 30, 2012 - 8:28 PM

Kristen Spurlin - Love these! Kody & I enjoyed having Andrea team up with Jennifer! We’re excited to see how everything turned out but we’re loving everything so far!

July 31, 2012 - 12:58 AM

Sheila Jamison-Harmony - OH MY! The pictures are GREAT – I can’t wait to see the rest!
Kristen Spurlin you are truly beautiful & Kody Spurlin is so darn handsome! You make such an adorable couple!

July 31, 2012 - 2:43 AM

Sheila Jamison-Harmony - Excited to see all the other pictures – these are GREAT!!!!

August 1, 2012 - 1:54 AM

Kirk Spurlin - You all did a great job! I wish I could see our photos from our wedding but we’re still waiting on our photographer to get them done! We may just do it all over again. Everyone that was there is begging us to anyway! who knows? We will get you all to shoot this time.

August 1, 2012 - 11:19 PM

Brenda J Horn - Beautiful pictures will we could have been there to celebrate.

Travel Photography & Video | Swimming With Whale Sharks In Mexico

Photobox Studios | Swimming with Whale Sharks Photography
Photobox Studios | Swimming with Whale Sharks Photography
Travel Photography & Video
Swimming with Whale Sharks In Mexico and Living to Tell

“Go go go!” shouted the boat captain. I was dangling my fin covered feet over the edge of the boat, camera in hand and Javier right next to me…this was a “Bucket List” moment to swim with Mexico’s giant Whale Sharks. There was no time to waste, you had to push off right as the captain said to or you would miss your chance. Splash….Splash! Javier and I jumped in, looked down and saw we were right on top of the largest fish in the sea – a 40 foot 20 ton Whale Shark. I could have grabbed on and went for a ride I was that close. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It’s massive grey body and it’s unique white spots was all I could see. It was even more breathtaking through a snorkel.

Splash…Splash! I was going in for round 3. Javier wasn’t with me this time because the rocking of the boat on the open sea got to his stomach. That only meant, this next gentle beast was all mine. “Go go go!” I caught up doing the one arm, two legged swim (I was holding my camera dah). It opened it’s mouth wide and sucked in gallons of water at a time. It could have eaten me whole! Good thing these sharks are only filter feeders and their favorite snack is plankton…..not human meat. This one was calmer and didn’t swim away. It allowed me a few more seconds of pure joy. It dived into the black hole below me, the deepest water I’ve ever swam in. That was a site to see except for the fact that it was heading right back up and I was in it’s way! But never fear, it turned out to make some great video footage for the memory bank.

I was on cloud 9. I may not show my emotions that well but I felt it. This was my 2nd attempt and we did it! (First attempt to swim with Whale Sharks in 2011) On the way back wild dolphins accompanied us on either side of the boat to Isla Mujeres. There we were able to soak in the shallow blues to refresh our way out of motion sickness. There we swam in the clearest of blue waters I’ve ever seen, ate the best ceviche I’ve ever eaten, all while thinking about one of the best bucket list items I’ve ever done. Check! ✓

Watch this whale shark get creative about finding food!

iPhone Photography & Instagram | Ireland Travel – June

PhotoBox Studios | iPhone Photography | Instagram | Ireland Travel
iPhone Photography & Instagram | Ireland Travel – June

June has been a fun month. I am not complaining, I like summer! The temps have stayed in the 90’s (until now), friends from out of town came for a visit, Andrea and I traveled to Ireland and it’s a great time for new experiences. Instagram is just a casual way for us to practice our creativity through iPhone photography so I thought we’d share some of our happenings behind the scenes.

(Left to Right) 1. Flower stand in Dublin streets 2. Cliffs of Moher 3. Frosted glass at Guinness Storehouse, Dublin 4. Smores around a fire with friends 5. Learning new languages. The words on the wall 6. Andrea sipping Irish Coffee early in the hills of Ireland 7. Christy trying to sleep at 10:00 PM and the sun is STILL up and shining in Ireland 8. Irish Coffee kept us warm 9. Macaroon store in Dublin

July 2, 2012 - 1:47 AM

Sarah - I love that you both are so lucky to be able to travel so often. Great photos from this whole trip, left me wanting to see more. I really loved the lamb shots – they looked so soft.

Senior Pictures Photography | Jihad

Senior Pictures Photography | Jihad

Jihad came to us as a happy surprise. His Aunt, who’s daughter had her First Communion photos done with us, wanted to give her nephew a graduation gift – Senior pictures! Great idea. He had just graduated a couple weeks before and was still on a graduation high. Memories are memories and Senior year only comes around once. When Jihad drove up in his bright red Convertible he was all smiles. He even asked us to photograph his Heights Calculus t-shirt that read “sexy and we know it.” Who doesn’t like a guy that’s smart, good looking AND good at math? Jihad, best of luck to you in your studies!

PhotoBox Studios | Senior Pictures Photography | Wichita, KSPhotoBox Studios | Senior Pictures Photography | Wichita, KSPhotoBox Studios | Senior Pictures Photography | Wichita, KSPhotoBox Studios | Senior Pictures Photography | Wichita, KSPhotoBox Studios | Senior Pictures Photography | Wichita, KS

{ Travel } Things I Learned While Visiting Ireland | Photography

Things I Learned While Visiting Ireland:
By Christy Villegas

  • I can’t read maps. Once streets are no longer on a N-S E-W grid, forget it. Without the keen eye of Andrea and her mad mapping skillz, I would have been lost. Let’s just say I’d wouldn’t win The Amazing Race.
  • Two pints of beer and I’m done. Those Ireland folk sure do know how to drink! And a pint is big! I know I’m out of practice but geez. One town for example had a 1,000 residents /50 pubs ratio. They even have taps on tables!
  • The Irish know how to make a good and real cup of coffee! Their espresso drinks were melt in your mouth to die for!
  • Speaking of coffee drinks, their Irish Coffee is now my list of “Favorite Drinks.” Good morning!
  • The Irish believe in magical fairies. So much so that they change highway construction plans just so that they wouldn’t have to cut down a bush that the fairies live in because that would be bad luck! True story, I saw it.
  • Castles have secret peep holes. Great for spying on others. Where do you think the saying “the walls have ears” came from?
  • I want to own a castle. One with it’s own draw bridge, moat, trap doors, peep holes. I mean come on! It’s like an adult tree house!
  • Wifi on tour buses is a great marketing tool. They should all have it.
  • Ireland has had some odd economic problems. For example, they have 100’s of Ghost Towns spread out across the Irish countryside. They are like pockets of nice neighborhoods in the middle of no where. Someone had the smart idea of “build it and they will come.” Except no one came. So these expensive homes, in the price range of $300,000, just sit there abandoned or never occupied and rot away in the Irish rain. Sad reminder of their economy problems.
  • The Irish love to have festivals. They have festivals for any and every reason. I guess any reason to drink is a good reason?
  • Sheep herding is fascinating!
  • I didn’t pack enough Dramamine. Oops. I even told one bus driver, “I need to get some medicine from below, or I may throw up on your bus.” He quickly opened the hatch.
  • A grumpy bus driver once told me to “get your rubbish off the bus.” I couldn’t take him seriously, he just said rubbish!
  • The sun never goes down. Andrea and I would be laying in bed at 9:45/10:00 p.m. and the sun would still be shining bright as can be through the window. And then it would be a quarter of the way up in the sky by the time we were waking up at 5:30 a.m. Bizarre! You NEED a watch there.
  • Andrea taught me how to pop open an airplane bathroom door from the outside. Muhaha
  • Having Business class seats flying across the Atlantic is awesome! Totally spoiled now.
  • I can’t count the number of old men in the airports I saw reading Hunger Games. Makes me smile.
  • And lastly, the constant overcast weather in Ireland is great for photography!